The 11 Best Festive Nail Art Ideas

Every day, we look forward to a celebration moment when we would all want to look gorgeous, divine even. When we get the chance and resources to do so, we always give ourselves the best. Unfortunately, women struggle with their nails trying to figure out the best nail design for the upcoming festival. Nothing brings manicure lovers more joy than gazing at their freshly painted sparkling and elegant manicure while scarfing down their favorite meals and watching their favorite movies. Today, we want to acquaint you with some of the best festive designs you can wear during the upcoming personal holiday cheer or even during the upcoming office holiday party.

Best Festive Nail Art Ideas

Twinkle, Twinkle

Just like a star, this design will help you achieve your desired look. It is a simple and dainty nude manicure made by peppering the nail tips with silver dots. This design is ideal for every holiday and festive season. Christmas holiday is here, and this is one of the designs that you should look forward to trying out.

Seeing Red

If you think about fine lines and minimalist design, Seeing Red is a classic red manicure that will serve you better than you expected this festive season. It is made up of tiny red and gold swirls together with negative space. This design can be achieved using gels. You can also accomplish this design on Dip powders like SNS or LDS dipping powder color, but you will have to dip your nails first and then superimpose the swirls using a gel.

Fudge Me Up

Chocolates are holiday favorites, and having them around complements your moments. The fudge colored polish is the best color for every holiday season because it has an out of this world effect on the nails. More razzle-dazzle is added on the nails using thin gold lines, which provides the nails with a perfect look.

Work of Art

If the holiday reds and greens do not impress you yet, it is not over because the Work of Art design is here to save you. Beige and olive-like neutral tones make the design, forming a colorful ombre tone of berries and oranges.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is the classic French manicure’s Goth sister. It is a more relaxed stiletto-shaped design with a kitty cat mien.  Make sure to use thick black lines to outline the nail tips using a beige base. This way, you will spend your whole holiday looking more elegant than you thought.

Cheetah – Licious

Remember the Cheetah Girl on Disney? Well, this design wants to give your nails a similar look. It is time to use these brown and sparkly gold leopard sports to channel your innate Dorinda, Aqua, Chanel, and Galleria. If you are up for it, try it.

Olive Branch

Perhaps you love glitter nails but want to be minimalist for this season. The Olive Branch design is one of the best designs that you can try out. It works by applying the glitters on just two nails and then using a glossy moss to paint the remaining nails.

Twisted French

We are flipping the French twist this festive season with the Twisted French design. This design is achieved by bringing the white tip’s edge down to the nail bed to form an Arch French. As such, your festive nails will be left looking chicer and more elegant.

Sparkle and Marble

This Sparkle and Marble design is one of the unique designs that you can wear this festive season. It is made memorable by its three gold takes, including the straight up sparkle, honey gold marble, and green and gold shimmer. You can find the required polishes from gels or dip polish colors such as Kiara sky, DND, and LDS powder color.

Candy Cane

This design is incredibly best for the Christmas season, where Christmas signatures are used to decorate each finger. You can use bows, melted snow, or even peppermint stripes for this design. Enjoy your Christmas in style by using the Candy Cane festive design.

Red Negative Space

If professionally crafted, negative spaces are the best nail designs that you can wear. The Red Negative Space is especially best when you are not sure if you want a negative space or full-red nails. This design cuts between the two options giving you the best version of each choice.

Other festive nail designs that you can try out include Chess, Not Checkers, French Girl, Iridescent, Ready for this Jelly, Ice Princess, Infinity Stones, and Gold Half Moon.


If you are looking for festive nails, the time for scratching your head is over. We feel your worries, and that is why we have combined some of the best festive nail designs that you can try out using your favorite nail polish. Celebrate all your holidays in style by wearing your favorite festive nail art designs above. Just make a choice and your celebrations will begin.