Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

Your nails are the windows to your health. This statement is often repeated by medical professionals and beauticians worldwide. It signifies that maintaining your nail’s health is equivalent to keeping your body healthy. One has to agree because the nails show any abnormalities in your overall physical health.

For years, people believed that acrylic was the safest and most durable of nail polish manicures. Then, gel polish started making inroads. However, both these manicures had their drawbacks. The acrylic polish had a nauseating odor, whereas gel polish manicures required you to expose your nails to UV radiation. Both these procedures proved harmful to health.

It was during these times that dip powder manicures surfaced as a breath of fresh air. Besides being one of the easiest nail manicure procedures, dip powder manicures did not pose any severe health problems. On the other hand, it improved the nail’s health because of reduced exposure to UV rays. Here are some Kiara Sky dip powder secrets you should know that could help maintain your nail’s health.

Use Quality Products

Millions of cheap nail polish are available on the market. It can be tempting to go for such products as they save money and promise excellent manicures. However, one should resist the temptations and go for high-quality products like Kiara Sky Dip Powder. If these products are not readily available, you can always contact us for your nail supplies online. We arrange for your nail polish quota earnestly.

Take care of your cuticles

Cuticles are the tender skin pieces located at the edge where the nail originates from the nail bed. They are delicate and prone to damage. Besides, they need free air and blood circulation to remain healthy and undamaged. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that dip powder or any nail beautification product does not fall on the cuticles. You can do so by leaving a gap of a millimeter or two between your polish layer and the cuticles. Besides preventing any harm to the cuticles, this gap ensures healthy nail growth.

It is better to use your dip powder bottle

If you use the nail salon for a dip powder manicure, it is advisable to carry your product with you. Kiara Sky dip nails is available in a range of attractive colors. The reason is to prevent the contracting of nail infections. The procedure used in nail salons is to dip your nails into the dip powder. You do not know who has dipped their nails into the powder earlier and whether they had any nail infections. Carrying your dip powder bottle ensures that you are the only person using it.

Be cautious when removing nail polish

Generally, Kiara Sky powder colors manicures are easy to remove. Nevertheless, you should refrain from picking at your nails and try peeling off nail polish manually. The best way to remove dip powder polish is to soak the nails in acetone or use nail polish removers containing acetone.

The procedure involves keeping your nails inside the acetone solution for about 20 minutes to facilitate easy removal. Alternatively, you can dip cotton balls into the acetone solution and place it over the nails. Aluminum wraps can help keep the cotton balls secured. After about 20 minutes, the dip powder should automatically slide off your nails. If there is any stubborn residue, you can repeat the procedure.

Hydrate your nails

While acetone is a renowned nail polish remover, it has dehydrating properties. Continuous exposure to acetone can dehydrate your nails and skin. Therefore, it can appear pale. The best solution is to keep the nails hydrated. It is advisable to wash the nails after the nail polish removal job. You can proceed with applying cuticle oil or any other nail lotion to keep the cuticles and nail bed hydrated. You get your cuticle oil bottle when you order nail supplies online from us.

The ideal procedure is to have a week or two gap between two successive nail manicures to allow the natural healing process. Besides, you should maintain a healthy diet that could help keep your nails in proper condition.

Never pick at peeling nail polish

Though dip powder manicures last long, there are chances of the accidental lifting of the nail polish as you rummage your fingers inside your handbag, searching for your belongings. Under such circumstances, you should not pick at the peeling nail polish layer. Simultaneously, you should not leave it unattended as water could seep in and provide a healthy breeding ground for bacteria.

The right way to deal with this situation is to go for a proper nail polish removal procedure using acetone. We have already explained the nail polish removal process in one of the earlier paragraphs.


We have shared many dip powder secrets with you in this blog. Keep visiting this space to learn about nail manicures and the tricks you can use to get the perfect manicure.