The 3 Best Gel Nail Polish Brands with the Best Price Nowadays!

Gel nail polish in particular and today’s modern nail techniques in general are being considered as one of the beauty & nail care trends that are favored by girls, women and ladies everywhere. In the world, especially for successful and busy ladies all day, the nail set plays a significant role to help girls become more confident in communication and behavior. Why? Using gel nail polish is a nail technique that makes nails more durable and lasts for a long time, and at the same time, the time of gel manicure is relatively faster when heated under LED or UV nail lamp about 1-2 minutes per hand without causing damage and sticky! And most of all, gel nail polish is even brighter – more shiny than normal nail polish for sure, … If you are also a beauty lover, you should not skim through this article, let’s find out about the best gel nail polish brand name that you don’t know as well as which types of gel polish or gel polish brands are good!

Best Gel Nail Polish Brands

Let’s explore it now, you will surely find the answer quickly.

3 Best Gel Nail Polish Brand


SNS is a great study to make our hands more attractive and outstanding. Undeniably, SNS is one of the best nail polish brands and is often found in nail salons. If you don’t know then ‘SNS’ stands for Signature Nail Systems and This brand is famous and started to be known by the public thanks to its leadership in dip powder manufacturing technology.

Not only has outstanding quality, but SNS also possesses many plus points when compared to other competitors. Specifically, SNS gel polish nail colors have a variety of colors, objects can flexibly change their style and appearance thanks to the richness in SNS nail gel colors’ palette collection. In addition, the composition of this product line is provided with additional nutritional ingredients such as helping to increase the speed of regeneration and protect nails.


Your gel nails can last up to 2 weeks or more.

Contains nutrients for healthy nails

Simple method, easy implementation



DND gel polish color is an extremely “hot” trend of recent years because of its “unforgettable quality”, it’s a beautiful kinds of gel color, it is so hard to peel off and can be used for a long time. Giving women a set of nail art takes only a few minutes without spending a lot of time and money. To match the increasingly fast and exciting life, experts have created a new gel nail polish with many outstanding advantages compared to traditional nail polish.


This is a popular product line and sold by many nail supply stores and nail salons around the world, DND gel color polish has a clear origin, high quality paint material, safe for health.

This paint nail gel is smooth and the color is very durable.

DND gel nail polish has a fairly high gloss, has many colors for you to choose, has a very good grip on your nails.

Lavis Nail System

Although Lavis nail system is a new brand that appeared not long ago in the US, but with the advantage of owning the world’s leading special technology thanks to the process of collecting and developing as well as overcoming the disadvantages from other brands. the old gel polish – Lavis Nails system was quickly accepted and created a revolution for the nail industry.

In addition to possessing superior technology, Lavis Nail system has repeatedly made girls about the ability to own up to 179 extremely standard and trendy colors with the ability to match up to 95% accuracy. Moreover, because of its understanding of skin safety, all its products do not contain harmful ingredients and especially the gel polish manicure of Lavis Nail system promises to become a “rookie” of the best gel polish brands in the US. Although “late birth”, this product line is much superior to many other brands or brands.


No bleeding, no wrinkle, no pale.

Long-lasting, glossy for up to 3 weeks or more.

Non-toxic to health.

Contains nail care ingredients to help keep nails healthy.

Especially the gel is easy to clean and break.

Final thought

As an improvement of nail polish technical, gel polish is more beautiful, harder to peel off, it can last up to 3 weeks or more than 4 weeks if you use products of reputable gel polish brands and perform right way. In particular, with nail gel you can comfortably come into contact with detergents: washing powder, dishwashing liquid, house cleaning …. or jobs that involve a lot of fingernails.