Everything You Need to Know about Gel Nail Polish and All OPI Gel Colors

Long story short, there are various reasons why gel nail polish is here to stay, it is glossy, indestructible, visually appealing and stands out as compared to other options. So what’s the most lucrative aspect of a gel?

Everything You Need to Know about Gel Nail Polish and All OPI Gel Colors

Simply put, there’s zero risk involved in chipping as you sift through your bag to find your phone or anything else. Experts claim that the gel nail polish is prepared with much stronger ingredients, which can withstand all kinds of irregularities on the nails.

Why Has Gel Nail Polish Become a Popular Trend?

Simply put, they provide a tighter grip on the nails as compared to traditional lacquers. Especially if you have plans to go on a vacation or venture out in the snow, you can rest assured about your nails not getting damaged at all.

While sifting through all OPI gel colors, you will be thrilled to know that they have every possible shade, you can imagine. The intriguing thing to note about gel nail polish is that it has impressive longevity and won’t deteriorate the conventional physical appearance of your nails.

In this blog, we will shed light on the best tips on ensuring that you make the most out of gel nail polish and use it the right way. Furthermore, each of the tips will unleash something important for you to know about this option. So sift through this article till the end.

Best Tips to Get the Most out of Gel Nail Polish

Allow Your Natural Nail to Breathe

Bear in mind, when manicures are done, not many people allow their natural nails to breathe to the fullest. Regardless of whether you choose the traditional formula or go simply for gel, conventional manicures can weaken the natural texture of the nails.

Most people overlook this point and as a result, rush to the salons with thin, peeling and discolored nails. Additionally, one might also get exposed to tumors, so it is best to be wise enough with applying the gel nail polish. No wonder, most gel nail polishes are safe to use, so one doesn’t need to have reservations when applying them for the first time.

The Ingredients Matter

Unless you buy OPI gel polish or from another reputable brand, it is hard to put faith in something that is processed and ready to be applied to any part of your body. Always choose a brand that uses organic products to prepare gel nail polish. Because nails are the most sensitive parts of the body, the chances of getting infected through them are at an all-time high.

Most gel nail polishes contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde, which are passed only after clinical testing. However, if a certain gel nail polish has a high quantity of them, it will be hard to protect oneself from its adverse side effects.

Avoid Peeling Nail Polish

One thing that is a trait amongst all the conventional nail polishes is the picking process. As soon as the color starts fading away, most people tend to peel it off. Not to forget, peeling might occur as a primal thought but doing it will allow water to enter the nails.

Furthermore, the carbon bacteria can easily cause fungus that lasts for months. In severe cases, it might take months for the damage to get repaired. However, if the application process is blamed, many people can get saved from such issues In the future.

Avoiding Exposure to the UV Lamp can Help

One of the most popular myths amongst beauty experts is about mandatorily exposing gel nail polish to the scorching rays of the UV lamp. Not to forget, the dose received during the nails being exposed to the UV lamp is little but the results are intense.

Additionally, now that there are a plethora of LED nail lamps out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best option. Most people believe that UV lamps can help in making the gel nail polish last for a long time. However, the truth be told, the results are quite the contrary.

Hot Showers Might Cause the Gel Polish to Lift

The worst enemy of any form of gel polish is none other than hot water. Hence, it is best to avoid putting hot water on nails, as it might cause the gel polish to start wearing off. So it is best to avoid them and always put rubber gloves on. Most ladies will make the common mistake of going to the sauna with the gel polish on, which can be very devastating.

Even out of nail polish OPI, it is hard to say, if there’s any that will remain firm, once you take a hot shower. Sometimes it is best to avoid a hot shower, even if you need one because it will help to rest assured that the gel nail polish stands concrete on the surface.


So now that you have gone through the best tips to manage the gel nail polishes in detail, you must have got a clear idea about the best way to manage them. If used correctly, the gel nail polish will last for a long time on the surface of your nails and improve the visual appeal of your personality. Thanks to the variety of colors available in gel nail polish, one can use them to get prepared for any formal or casual event.