Kiara Sky Nail Dip Colors vs. Acrylic Nails – What is the Difference

Have you recently been thinking about getting your own DIY dip powder manicure? If the answer is yes, then you ought to try the Kiara Sky nail dip colors. Perhaps this is your first time considering dip powder manicures. If this is the case, then you are at the right place.

Kiara Sky Nail Dip Colors

There are different options for manicures, such as OPI gel nail polishes, dip powder manicures, acrylic nails, etc. Each one of these manicures has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

You will find OPI gel manicures and the Kiara Sky dipping powder kit among the two most popular manicure styles. It doesn’t matter whether you are aiming for a DIY manicure or going to the salon. Here are the essential differences between the Kiara sky nail dip colors and the acrylic nails.

The Different Application Process

The primary difference between the nail dip colors and the acrylic nails lies in the application processes. The acrylic nail polish is applied like simple nail polish. You preferably start with a base coat, place the nails underneath a UV or LED light to cure the nails.

Subsequently, you apply the colored layer before proceeding to the top coat. You just have to ensure to cure your nails after each application to ensure that the manicure is long-lasting, glossy, and shiny until three weeks.

By placing your nails underneath a UV light, you also ensure that the acrylic polish adheres to the nails. The curing process doesn’t take more than 45 seconds.

Compared to the acrylic nail polish, the Kiara Sky nail dip colors integrate colored powder that is mixed with resin (glue-type). You don’t need to place your nails under a UV light to cure them as the dip manicures tend to cure in the air.

The application process of the Kiara Sky nails is exactly as it sounds like. After applying a base coat, also known as the primer, the nails are dipped into one of the Kiara Sky nail dip colors on each nail. You will tap off or brush off the extra powder before repeating the process.

After you have reached the desired nail coverage, which usually requires 2 or 3 rounds of dipping your nails in the Kiara Sky nail colors, you will proceed to brush on an activator polish as the top coat. Again, no UV light is involved in the application process of Kiara Sky dip colors, which is why you won’t find one in the Kiara Sky dipping powder kit as well.

The bottom line is that the acrylic nail polish is painted onto the nails and cured just like any other regular nail polish. The Kiara Sky nail dip colors, on the other hand, require you to dip your nails into the dipping colors before painting on an activator polish as the top coat. No UV light for curing is required in the manicure that involves Kiara Sky nail dip colors.

Kiara Sky Nail Dip Colors vs. Acrylic Nails – Which Lasts Longer?

With correct application and effective after-care, the lasting power of the acrylic manicure and the OPI gel nails can last, on average, for up to two to three weeks. However, in the absence of a correct application, including when you don’t buff and file your nails correctly, your regular manicure won’t last more than two weeks and can even cause chipped nails.

Compared to the acrylic and OPI gel manicures, the Kiara Sky colors usually last longer. The underlying reason for this is that the dip-powder formula contains cyanoacrylate, making the powder adhere to the nails, thus, leading to a sturdy, long-lasting manicure.

The cyanoacrylate is a strong adhesive, which causes the polymers of the Kiara Sky nail dip colors to harden, last longer, and protect your nails from chipping. While you can bid farewell to brittle nails with Kiara Sky nail dip colors, you can also expect the dip powder manicure to last longer than four weeks.

The bottom line is that while the acrylic manicure can last up to three weeks, the Kiara Sky nail dip color manicure can last up to five weeks. However, to make the dip powder manicure last longer, you have to ensure proper application and after-care of the manicure.


While the acrylic nails and the Kiara Sky dip nail powder have their respective sets of advantages and disadvantages, the removal process of both types of manicures might be a bit tricky. If you want to avoid your nails from getting damaged, avoid scraping your nails, no matter how tempting they might become. Instead, remain patient while following the correct nail polish removal process, including after-care protocols of both manicures.