SNS Dipping Powder Nails: All You Need to Know

A visit to the nail salon is one with lots of choices to make a pick from, little wonder many get confused. You have to choose a color for your polish, shape your nails, and get trendy nail designs. But have you thought of the type of manicure to choose as well? The options never seem to run out.

Every lady wants to step out confidently in her well-made nails and slay. That’s why you need the best nail brands, and nail polish as well. SNS nails are a quality nail care brand with years of experience in the beauty and nail care industry. They have a wide range of products, ranging from manicure: gel, acrylic, dip nails, and the likes. Here’s all you need to know about SNS nails.

SNS is a brand that produces various manicure products, just like other popular brands such as LDS, OPI, etc. It is a nail polish brand that manufactures dipping powder. SNS nails or dip powder manicures are made of glue and powder, which creates a lasting bond on your nails when they are dipped.

It is named dip powder because of the method of application. Like regular nail polish, dip powder manicures are available in various colors, presenting you with a wide variety to choose from. What makes it unique? Unlike regular nail polish, you won’t get the pungent smell of acrylic on it, often seen with regular nail polish.

Also,  it does not require Ultraviolet light in curing like a gel manicure. These features qualify SNS dip nails as a reliable alternative to other nail manicure types. With the downsides of UV lights and its harmful effects, SNS dipping powder is safer than other options.

Are SNS dip nails better than regular polish or gel?

There are many reasons why people choose dipping powder rather than going for regular nail polish or gel manicure. SNS is dedicated to offering quality manicure products at all times. As earlier mentioned, it does not require UV light in the curing process.

Also, for someone with sensitivity to strong odors of chemicals such as acrylic or skin allergies, this method is a preferable alternative for them as they won’t experience such. SNS dipping powder nails are handy for people who want manicures that will last long and not chip, but the gel isn’t involved. However, it is essential to consult with your dermatologist if you have any condition such as contact dermatitis before using dip powder.

Application of SNS nails

For SNS nails, the process of application is straightforward.

  • The nails are filed and shaped. Then they are cleaned using a primer.
  • The nail plate is brushed with a resin coat.
  • Dip the nails into the color dipping powder, one finger at a time, then the resin coat is added again.
  • Next, an activator is applied to the nails. It is brushed on the nails two to three times, although this depends on the product.
  • A glossy topcoat is applied to give it a lustrous and shiny finish.

Removal of SNS dip nails

When you want to take off this nail manicure, it’s pretty easy.  Many people often get stuck here, but with acetone solution, it becomes a walkover. You have to soak your nails in acetone for about 15 to 20 minutes.

After this, the dip powder will melt off from the nail. Then, you can clean or wipe it off. Often, you may decide to buff the nails first, so it becomes thin. It also reduces the time spent in soaking the nails.

Do SNS nails last? How long do they last?

Dip powder can last as long as two to three weeks without fading or chipping. These unique features they possess make them stand out from regular acrylic and other similar nail manicures. They can be compared to gel in the length of time they last.

Proper application is also essential in making sure SNS nails stay up to their full span. It is important to avoid activities that can cause your nails to chip or fall off prematurely. Such activities include physical labor like household cleaning or lifting without using gloves, among other rigorous activities.

The dip system’s dipping process involves applying resin adhesive on the nail plate before using the colored acrylic powder in subtle layers. The nails are dipped into the acrylic powder, and then it is buffed and shaped.

A sealant is applied as a topping, and this serves as a glossy topcoat that keeps the nails safe and chip-free for about two weeks. You can get as much as three weeks of smooth, neat nail manicure before you return to your nail salon for a redo.

What should you expect when you go for a dip powder manicure application at a salon?

For SNS dip nails, the process often takes about 45 minutes, but this depends on if you want to go for various nail art, ombre, or other add-ons.

Your nails will be painted with an activating base coat, and it is similar to the adhesive contained in eyelash glue. However, it is a bit different.

Next, the nails are dipped into a base polymer powder which is white. Then, the activating liquid is repainted before going on to dip the nails in your preferred, colored nail powder.


The amount or number of dips depends on how bright you want the color to be. You can get two dips before the application of the topcoat as a hardener. SNS dipping powder color dry off very fast and harden quickly. The powder and sealant form a strong bond on the nail plate, and it may not chip or flake. When doing minor chores, it won’t smudge as well. What more are you waiting for? Get one of these for yourself.